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What could provide better investing results than combining the long-term reliability of fundamental analysis with the timing of technical analysis? For better investing look no further than The Big Ogg report. This new investor service combines the talents of Stephen Bigalow and Jon Ogg to deliver their unique approach to better investing via their specially researched report posted ‘ahead of the curve’. (View October 17th sample report)

Jon Ogg has spent his entire career in the financial markets and is a frequent guest speaker on CNBC, in addition to many references by The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Business Week, CNN and more. (Read Jon Ogg’s full bio here) You may not know it but Jon has been providing better investing advice via his articles in CBS MarketWatch, Pristine, Google Finance and other sites.

Stephen Bigalow catches the market reversals utilizing his expertise in technical analysis beginning with candlestick charting. Jon Ogg adds his insightful analysis and commentary. Combined you receive better investing alerts to be in ‘the right place, at the right time’.

Both, Jon and Steve, have been providing profitable analysis to their readers for many years. They are the perfect combination for the individual investor that is attracted to technical analysis but still longs for the rationale behind fundamental analysis. We are long past the times of better investing advice consisting of ‘buy and hold’. The universe rewards action, and holding may lower your chances of success.

Diversifying is a strong step towards better investing. The Big Ogg report provides one more investment vehicle, ETF’s (Exchange-Traded Funds) towards defensive investing. If you are new to ETF’s here is the necessary explanation; they are exactly as the name suggests: baskets of securities that are traded like individual stocks. They can be bought and sold during market hours, including selling short and buying on margin. Again, pretty much anything you can do with a stock; you can do with ETF’s. Naturally there is a commission to buy and sell, also like stocks.

Take a peek at this investing strategy offered only through The Big Ogg report.

View October 17th sample report and see for yourself, then send an e-mail with ‘Big Ogg Notice” in the subject and I will send you a pre-release notice when the next Big-Ogg report is available.

Market Direction:  Let the market tell you what the market is doing! This is what the Japanese Rice traders profess. The major advantage of candlestick signals and candlestick analysis is creating the ability to evaluate what has gone on in investor sentiment during any time frame. What should be anticipated when witnessing Hammers and Dojis in an oversold condition? A change is occurring!


The Dow chart clearly reveals a lack of selling pressure once it hit the 50 day moving average. Add the fact that stochastics were now in an oversold condition; an investor has a much clearer picture of what is occurring in a trend.


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