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Gordon Scott Presents this Thursday December 3rd at 7pm Central

Join Gordon Scott, CMT along with our own Steve Bigalow this Thursday evening, December 3rd 7pm Central (8pm Eastern) where they will reveal "When Crisis Meets Opportunity."
With the market thus far in 2015 displaying erratic and choppy action, positioning yourself for profit potential has been difficult and treacherous at times.

Gordon Scott will take the time to walk you through some of the best opportunities that come during a market crisis. He will also show you which tactics you can when the market is steady.

Gordon will break down the three phases found in crisis trading and teach you the tactics you need to know to profit during those phases was very timely. The market is constantly changing and evolving but many of us rely so heavily on some of our trading routines to the point that we get stuck in a rut. You can never be too educated when it comes to options trading and sometimes, a back-to-basics approach is required to reinvigorate the mind and refresh your trading plan.

This is where you want to expand your awareness and start to map out a clear plan to get you where you want to go. You can truly come out ahead if you plan out the results you want to achieve and learn how respond to a market in crisis. Don't let indecision or lack of education hold you back any more!
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The Candlestick Trading Forum invites you to join our Stock Market Trading Chat Sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7:00 CST. These sessions are oriented towards educating investors how to use Japanese Candlesticks in real life analysis.

Each session begins with an overview of the current market conditions. Easily follow along as Steve shares his chart analysis on individual stocks ready to make profitable price moves.

All sessions are interactive - You can 'Ask Steve Live' to evaluate your charts!

These Stock Chat sessions  are also an excellent method for Candlestick Investors to communicate with each other through the open chat or personal instant messaging to other participants. The perfect way to accelerate your learning process. The Candlestick Trading Forum wants to provide the best platform available  for anyone to quickly learn the Candlestick Trading psychology.

The Monday night Stock Chat is for "Members Only". Steve provides an in-depth analysis of the market week ahead and reviews specific recommendations. Members are able to ask Steve specific advice about their own personal portfolios.

The Thursday night Stock Chat is open to everyone.
Having the opportunity to see what a good chart looks like and why it is a good trade pattern creates a visual lesson for recognizing the profitable patterns. A full explanation of why a chart has profitable characteristics provides a visual library for future opportunities. You do not want to miss this opportunity for free market analysis by Stephen Bigalow. Thursday sessions are recorded and available for playback. (Generally available within one hour of session end) Recent sessions are listed in the navigation bar (on the left) by date.

Candlestick investing is easy to learn and an investor can become proficient quickly when having the pitfalls explained in a chat room format. Join us. Everybody is welcome to come and learn how the most refined trading method in the world works. Take advantage of the live Stock Chat forum. See for yourself, this is a rewarding method to quickly improve your stock market trading.

No time to join the live chat sessions? Don't forget the Candlestick Discussion Forum - Candlestick investors can ask questions and add comments to help each other through their learning process. Why reinvent the wheel? The Discussion Forum is where Candlestick investors can improve each other's knowledge.

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Investing and Trading involves significant financial risk and is not suitable for everyone. No communication or chat session should be considered as financial or trading advice. All information is intended for Educational Purposes only.


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